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The Many Faces of Frank
..most of which are delusional.
Stealing from Aki:

Summarize 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friend's list can guess each fandom.

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Thanks, Drew!

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So, just to give me something to do, here's what my desktop currently looks like.

This Is Me. For Now.Collapse )

What does yours look like? :I

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I was just thinking and.. I'm still not sure I know what I want to go to college for. Most recently, I've been seriously considering film and theater, so's I could be an actor. That's the only real career path I've been satisfied with the idea of.

Sure, I've said photographer.. but I count that as a hobby, really. And I've always loved Literature. But let's be honest with ourselves: What kind of money could I make with a BA in Lit? Yeah. Exactly.

There's History. Love that just as much. but again, I ask you the same question. And again: yeah. Exactly.

So, I dunno. Well, I've got a whole 'nother year (*groan*) to think it all over more thoroughly, so who knows?

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Not the pedo-riffic, turned "movie" dolls. No. Real brats. The seriously annoying-in-public kind.

So, I'm in Wal-Mart, in LaGrange. My father and I were in the checkout line, waiting to get out of there.. and this girl one row over just starts screaming. I honestly thought it was a toddler. Like, a 1-3 year old. But no, it was something like a 4 or 5 year old. What the holy fuck? She kept screaming, "I didn't git nuthin'!". Jeeze.

The worst part was, the mother just kept trying to calm her down when she should have slapped her backwards a few inches. I mean, I'm not for abusive parents, but that little girl needed an effing beating. Badly.

It did turn kind of funny, from an on-looker's prospective, though. Every cashier, and all the people in line that I could see were saying very similar things. Stuff like, '..not MY child! I'd done beat her silly!" etc. I laughed.
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Yarp. Summer's over in a few days. Tha means it's time to head back to Greenville soon, and all the new crap their putting on our shoulders.

By that, I mean the new "dress code", wish is essentially a very slack uniform policy, and the new class schedules. We're going from having 8 classes a year, seperated into four classes ver to semesters to.. 7classes year-round, with two classes we switch out between winter break. (meaning it's like the old schedule, but with just two classes we're doing that with). If that makes any sense...

My hair's getting longer again. Huzzah! I've been wanting it long again recently. I also might be making a second journal, somewhat like Kyo's forever_kyoko journal. Meaning I'll be putting some of the crazy things I write there from time to time. Working on something now that I'll be keeping under wraps(minus Kyo, she's going to Beta). If I don't keep it under said wraps, I'll lose interest, I just know.

Uhh.. Brett's back in Georgia. Got here today. he and John stopped by about an hour ago. Means I won't be alone Senior year.

Speaking of being a Senior.. Ugh. I want it t be over faster. I want to be in college already, dammit. My dad already said he'll be getting me a laptop within the next year. That's GREAT because I'll be able to ditch this stone age piece of wiring for something newer, with Vista, even. Of course, he'll be using it once I've got my laptop. Meaning, of course, I'm going to have to do a system restore so he doesn't find any incriminating evidence. >.>

And, I think that about covers it. This post needed to be longer. I haven't posted much this summer. That'll probably be changing, as I will undoubtedly have more to talk about what with school happening soon.



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Fr those of you who havent seen them: The Iron Man trailer from Comic Con, and the teaser trailer for Dark Knight.


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I think the subject says it all.

I gots new userpics.

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Or at least a flash drive, or something.

I've gone on a comics downloading rampage. I really don't know where I'll manage to keep them all.

I think, once I have them all converted to .zip files, I'll put them on a data disk, for now.

Here's what I have.Collapse )

That's it. Quite a lot to keep me reading. First, though, before I read anything else(I've already read "In Darkest Knight"), I'm going to beta Teesha's story.

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My cat, pepper, finally gave birth to her kittens today.

It was kind of sweet in a way; she didn't want me to leave her for two seconds to check my email (which was seriously five or six feet away from her.).

She had five. three are black, one's a tabby like her, and one, I think, is a mix between both black and tabby.

EDIT: Pictures - 1 2 3
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